Wrap Set

      Soft like a cloud, dress your little bundle of joy in cosy comfort with the adorable 'Enchanted Deer' new born baby gift set by The Baby Trunk. A must-have in your baby’s closet, the cute cocoon-like swaddle, burp cloth and a bib for baby is a perfect choice to cover your little bub in warm snuggles and unparalleled comfort of a mother’s womb as Wraps of love and comfort.

      Made with soft and breathable Egyptian cotton and whimsical print, this new born baby gift set is both comfortable and stylish, a great choice for parents looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly baby bib for their little munchkin. Add a unique touch, get a baby name or initials personalised with Swarovski. It's a thoughtful new born gift idea for new parents, a must-have item for a baby's wardrobe
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